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Attention, Real Estate Investors, Entrepreneurs, & Purpose-Driven Individuals


Shows You How to START & SCALE Your Real Estate Investing Business, GROW Your Brand, Get MORE Deals, And MULTIPLY Your Wealth…


Shows You How to START & SCALE Your Real Estate Investing Business, GROW Your Brand, Get MORE Deals, And MULTIPLY Your Wealth…

… Without Sacrificing Your Family, Health, & Faith in The Process

A Message from Ryan Pineda

Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor

Dear Friend.

Dear Friend.

What would it be like if you kicked off 2024 surrounded by some of the most influential real estate investors in the country...

... sharing their industry secrets...

... so you can safely take the leap from entrepreneur or employee... to REAL ESTATE INVESTOR?

And even better…

… do it without sacrificing all other areas of your life…

… so that you NEVER trade time with your spouse, kids, or friends over work ever again...

… and keep family dinners, gym sessions, and church morning’s untouched while your business runs without you.

It might sound too good to be true…

But the fact is: It’s 100% possible for you RIGHT NOW... 

... and WealthCon has the blueprints, frameworks, and systems to make it happen.

 Now, while that might seem like a big claim…

There’s a reason why…

Over 4,000 Purpose-Driven Individuals Have Trusted WealthCon As Their #1 Source for Connections, Insider Secrets, & Partnerships…

… to start and propel their real estate investing business…

… raise money…

… discover new and unique creative finance strategies…

... skip the trial and error...

... skip the learning curve...

… and finally free themselves from their "golden handcuffs".

WealthCon applies to you if – you're looking to start your real estate investing business, you're stuck on a couple deals a year, or you're aiming to automate your business to work without you.

January 8th-11th, In Las Vegas 

This Is How The Top 1% Of Entrepreneurs Accelerate Their Success

This Is How The Top 1% Of Entrepreneurs Accelerate Their Success

Soak Up Game-Changing Insights From The Best In The Industry

You’ll discover breakthrough strategies and insider secrets from me and my hand-picked team of the best minds in the business.

By coming together to learn, share wisdom, and multiply each other's capabilities…

You'll quickly realize how powerful it is to be surrounded by a tribe of driven, growth-minded entrepreneurs just like you.

The incredible energy, brilliant ideas, and unrelenting momentum in the room will ignite your motivation like never before.

Life-Changing Networking Sessions

WealthCon is designed to expand your network with investors, CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs that are eager to partner with purpose-driven entrepreneurs like yourself that share your same values.

Our networking sessions will connect you with your next business partner…

Your next A-Player employee…

The next person to send you a deal…

Or it could be somebody that’s going to lend you money.

When you’re at WeathCon… you’re one  connection… one conversation… one handshake away from a completely different life.

The Most Influential Investors, Entrepreneurs, & Leaders Will Be At WealthCon… Will You?

 Ryan Pineda leveraged $10,000 to launch a house flipping business in 2015 that has now grown to include 500+ flips, 550+ rentals, and 6 multi-million dollar companies, amassing over a million social media followers where he teaches real estate investing.

 Tim Tebow is a two-time national champion, Heisman Trophy winner, first-round NFL draft pick, and a former professional baseball player. The four-time New York Times best-selling author, speaker, and football analyst is most passionate about his work with the Tim Tebow Foundation (TTF), whose mission is to bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need. 

 Thach Nguyen went from being a homeless refugee to a multi-millionaire real estate mogul with over $100 million in properties, and now uses his rags-to-riches story to inspire others to achieve the American Dream through real estate.

 Brian Davila became a top-producing Las Vegas real estate agent, then started investing in real estate in 2018 - making millions flipping, wholesaling, and building a rental portfolio, and now shares his knowledge with students.

 Kris Krohn is on a mission to impact the world through education, mentorship, partnership and innovation. His passion is growth, and his purpose is helping all to achieve it. Over the past 20 years, Kris has had a remarkable global impact, transforming the lives of thousands and spreading a message of transformation and fulfillment. Kris is a master across multiple facets—real estate, business, breakthrough philanthropy, and health. 

 Carl Allen, founder and CEO of Dealmaker Wealth Society, is an entrepreneur, investor, and corporate dealmaker with almost three decades of experience advising major corporations and business owners on over $48 billion worth of transactions, and now coaches over 7,500 entrepreneurs on acquisitions and wealth creation.

 Will Grimes, comes from a Marine Corps / Special Operations background, serving for just under a decade. After his time in the Marines, Will transitioned into police work and was the recipient of "Life Saving" awards, including the "Guardian Angel Award" - the highest award possible, for an officer. After his time in service Will has gone on to build multiple companies, all multiple 7 figures and all of which have been built in the past 6 years.

 Gary Harper launched Sharper Business Solutions after overcoming a devastating Lyme disease diagnosis, traveling the country as a business coach and speaker committed to helping companies scale through vision, systems, and processes so they can grow their business while living a fulfilling life.

 Brian Mark produces the #1 ranked Change Lives, Make Money podcast for online fitness coaches looking to build successful online businesses, leveraging his experience guiding over 280+ coaches to over $10k per month.

 Micheal Burt, recognized as "America's Coach," leverages his championship basketball coaching background to empower top performers across diverse fields to unlock their potential and achieve success through his transformative insights on activating prey drive and optimizing business strategies.

 Clint Cooper is a visionary entrepreneur and CEO of Padly, a thriving real estate investment firm doing 25-40 deals per month, who is dedicated to teaching wealth building and improving lives after building multiple successful companies in logistics, consulting, and real estate.

 Jaspreet Singh went from immigrant roots to building the Minority Mindset brand into a financial education powerhouse, leveraging his experience as an entrepreneur, investor, and attorney to spread accessible and engaging money lessons through his YouTube channel, app, and media company.

 Cody Sperber went from a struggling new real estate investor to flipping over 1000 properties and becoming a leading educator, leveraging his experience making $200M+ in deals and cracking the code on creative strategies to teach others proven systems for building wealth through real estate.

 Javi Chavez is the COO of Pineda Co. He’s led two business acquisitions and scaled 5 companies to 7-8 figures with Ryan Pineda, and is the host of the Wealthy Business podcast, where he shares his expertise in growing successful enterprises.

 Erwin Raphael McManus is a renowned life architect, award-winning author, and artist. For three decades, McManus has advised CEOs, athletes, celebrities, and billion-dollar companies, helping them overcome limitations and unlock their personal genius. As the founder of Mosaic, a global spiritual movement, he has inspired millions and leads impactful humanitarian initiatives alongside his wife, Kim.

 Abraham Gray started his first business when he was 15 and since then have started, bought and sold a few hundred businesses. He also bought his first property when he was 22 and has since bought thousands of properties. He now also teaches others how to do the same.

 Zasha Smith leveraged her engineering background to build a $4.6M residential real estate portfolio and over $1M in house flipping profits in Hawaii, expanding to large commercial investments across the US with the professional mission of helping families achieve financial independence through real estate investing.

 Mindy Pineda is a devoted mother of three and the wife of entrepreneur Ryan Pineda, who he credits as a key factor in his journey to business success and making millions, thanks to her support and their commitment to prioritizing their marriage and family time. 

 Justin Berry is a digital creator who has produced over 800 million views of video content and works as a producer for top influencers to create engaging social media content.

 Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, founder of the Institute for Muscle-Centric Medicine, is a nationally recognized functional medicine expert and educator specializing in brain and thyroid health, lean body mass support, longevity, and the practical application of protein for health, performance, and disease prevention.

January 8th-11th, In Las Vegas 

WealthCon Is A Shortcut

WealthCon Is A Shortcut

A 30-year wealth shortcut…

And all it takes is 4 days…

… 4 days to hand you all the steps, playbooks, and strategies to take you from where you are to where you want to be…

… and adopt the mindset of a leader.

So think about this…

You’re going to spend 4 days surrounded by purpose-driven entrepreneurs and investors…

You’ll have the most influential real estate investors in the country sharing new strategies, industry secrets, and actionable insights…

… you’re going to discover why right now is the safest time for you to get into real estate…

… and you’ll know exactly how to build your brand on social media to become the go-to authority everyone DMs with new deal opportunities…

… which means…

You’re starting off 2024 with a BANG…

… and I’m giving you everything you need to keep the momentum going...

... and make 2024 the year you start living the life you dream of…

… so that you become the leader of your life, family, and business.

But first thing’s first…

This conference won't be for everybody.

If you’re reading this wondering if it’s for you…

Let me tell you who this IS for

And who this is NOT for.

Previous Speaker

Who SHOULD Attend?

Faith and purpose-driven individuals looking to build wealth with real estate… without risking their current lifestyle and without sacrificing their family, health, & faith…
So they can lead their life, family and business into a wealthy, prosperous path.

Who should NOT attend?

This is not for the lazy, get-rich-quick crowd looking for an “easy way out”. If you’re unwilling to do the work or resistant to implementing change, this is NOT for you. Just be warned, things are changing, and soon running things the old-fashioned way won’t cut it

Everything you were told about building wealth is wrong.

Some sacrifice everything in pursuit of wealth…

While others become rich in ALL aspects of life.

You see…

I realized there was a HUGE need in the industry… because the “hustle culture” wasn’t cutting it for me.

There was a need for someone who could help other entrepreneurs build a business that created more freedom and profit… a business that truly allows you to have wealth in all aspects of life.

And the idea of WealthCon was born.

By providing a space for purpose-driven entrepreneurs to create a well-rounded life…

… WealthCon became a movement…

A movement to build a life and business you’re proud of…

Knowing with complete clarity you have everything you need to grow without burning out.

This is what we’re best at.

And we have an incredible track record not only in growing our businesses but helping countless others achieve similar results - regardless of their level of experience.

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This Is The Movement You Will Be Part Of At:

The #1 Conference for Purpose-Driven Investors & Entrepreneurs

WEALTHCON 2024 Shows You How to START & SCALE Your Real Estate Investing Business, GROW Your Brand, Get MORE Deals, And MULTIPLY Your Wealth…

… Without Sacrificing Your Family, Health, & Faith in The Process

January 8th-11th, In Las Vegas

What Our Attendees Had to Say 
About Last Year's Event

What Our Attendees Had to Say About Last Year's Event

Once You Get Your WealthCon Ticket
You’re Also Getting…

  • Access to WealthCon: Las Vegas January 8-10, 2023
  • All Access Seating
  • Private Facebook Group
  • ​Access to Special Networking Sessions
  • ​Printed Booklet With Key Notes, Insights, & Action Steps From Speaker Sessions
  • Access to WealthCon: Las Vegas January 8-10, 2023
  • All Access Seating
  • Private Facebook Group
  • ​Access to Special Networking Sessions
  • ​Printed Booklet With Key Notes, Insights, & Action Steps From Speaker Sessions
  • VIP Reception
  • ​Access to Exclusive VIP After Parties
  • Access to WealthCon: Las Vegas January 8-11, 2023
  • All Access Seating
  • Private Facebook Group
  • ​Access to Special Networking Sessions
  • ​Printed Booklet With Key Notes, Insights, & Action Steps From Speaker Sessions
  • VIP Reception
  • ​Access to Exclusive VIP After Parties
  • ​1-on-1 Opportunities with Speakers
  • ​BONUS DAY: Come to Ryan’s Office to Learn The Inner Workings of His Business

MVP + Golf Mastermind



  • Join Ryan For A Round of Golf on 1/12
  • MVP Ticket Included
  • 1-on-1 Opportunities with Speakers


  • Everything with MVP
  • Dinner with Ryan Pineda, Tim Tebow, and Thach Nguyen on January 9
  • All-Access Backstage Pass
  • ​One on one opportunity with Speakers


  • Everything with MVP
  • ​Dinner with Ed and Ryan on 10/5
  • ​Backstage access
  • ​One on one opportunities with speakers


The Absolutely Stunning 
M Resort & Casino in Las Vegas

January 8th-11th, In Las Vegas 


This year’s WealthCon 4-day conference will be hosted at our favorite resort here in Las Vegas.

Its panoramic views of the Las Vegas Strip and majestic mountains provide Instagram-worthy pictures and videos.

We recommend flying in one or two days before the conference to get checked in early and avoid the long lines the day of the event.

Once you fly into the Las Vegas Airport, you can easily call a taxi, Uber, or Left to the Resort.

We will supply room booking information in the following weeks after you purchase a ticket.

Skipped Right to the Bottom? Here’s What
 You Can Expect At WealthCon

Once you get your WealthCon Ticket, you’ll discover how to start and scale your real estate investing business, grow your brand, get more deals, and multiply your wealth…
… without ever sacrificing your family, health, and faith.

And that’s not it…

It’s Undoubtedly The Best Way to Start 2024

WealthCon is designed for you to walk away with new connections, new friends, and complete clarity on your next steps to get what you want out of real estate investing.

You’ll learn what’s working RIGHT NOW for industry leaders like Cody Sperber, Thach Nguyen, and our other millionaire students that left their boring corporate jobs to do real estate full-time… So that you can…

Shave 3 to 5 Years of Trial And Error Off Your Journey

I know that’s a big claim, and it’s the truth…

But only if you allow it…

And those who allow it, are thriving…

By knowing exactly what’s needed to make change happen.

This is your chance to be part of a purpose-driven community of entrepreneurs and investors led by Ryan Pineda, one of the top Real Estate Investors and entrepreneurs in the country.

The Cost Of Not Attending

I could tell you that the cost of not attending is missing out on what’s working right now, life-changing connections, new leadership skills, and a new mindset…

Yet the cost of not attending goes far beyond that.

You see…

We believe 2024 will be a pivotal year for real estate…

And in a world where the real estate game is evolving faster than ever before, standing still isn’t just stagnation—it's a step backward….

WealthCon attendees will walk away with insights that will open doors to massive opportunities others will never see.

You’ll walk away feeling prepared to lead impactful change in your business, community, and family – in ways that are ethical and effective.

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